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New Thailand travel video. Go here if you want the full HD 1080 version (be sure to click the gear and change to 1080)

It was hard to make a Thailand video. I was there for 2.5 years, yet only had a little video from really touristy stuff. More interesting scenes like street scenes, food and clothing markets, and nightlife would have been awesome to include, but I never had my camera with me and never made a concerted effort to film anything with the intention of making a video.

More personal video, such as some classroom fun with kids and film around my house might be added at a later date, but for now, the video includes:

  • Bangkok (urban sprawl, traffic, and shopping)
  • The North (countryside and Wats)
  • Wats and Palaces (Wat Pho, Wat Arun, Grand Palace)
  • Muay Thai
  • Sukhothai (one of my favorite places in Thailand)
  • Elephants (footballing, bathing, and painting)

I hope you enjoy it.

On a related note, I lost two (2) HDDs while making this video, and barely managed to recover the editing data (some of which was corrupted).

Why I constantly subject myself to the whim a device comprised of magnetic discs spinning thousands of times a minute, I’ll never know, but I was lucky enough to only lose my main 2 TB HDD (with my software, preferences, and recently-worked on stuff that’s saved to the desktop), and a mere 1TB external with music that’s never been backed up.

Classic “S.M.A.R.T. status BAD backup and replace” error. There ain’t no coming back.

Oh well, easy-come-easy-go. I’m back up and running, with several extra 2TB drives and a NAS box on their way in the mail. Determined not to lose more important stuff, this might be my first step into seriously backing up what I do, perhaps with software such as freenas.

4-bay Probox for NAS. You could RAID or JBOD

Why does it take a catastrophe to spur someone to back up? I’ve always known hdds are unreliable and have lost my fair share in the past, but it seems like as soon as my computer is running smoothly again, it becomes such a nebulous threat– something that happens to other people–and I slowly become more and more negligent about backing up important data until I get bitten again.

Finally, I know I’m late to the game, but I’ve been playing around with Google Sketchup, a free 3-D modeling program that can be used for anything from videogame modeling to architecture to engineering and design. I initially started using it to make a diagram mapping the location of our 20+ sprinkler zones at our house, but I started to make a 3-D model of our house, and have lost hours playing around with its various and user-friendly features.

Sketchup’s the reason you’ve been seeing 3-D models of famous buildings in Googlemaps, and you can use it to add your own house, school, or place of work, down to the minute interior details.

One of Google’s hopes for the product is that people will accurately model buildings and landscapes in order to upload them to Google Maps, which is just a little scary in terms of criminals being able to case joints, etc. I already think streetview’s a little intrusive. But a part of me really loves this–it’s one step closer to having our whole world mapped in VR, which is in turn one step closer to the Matrix.


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